New Video! Why We Chase High Plains Marginal Risks

A new storm chase case up on our YouTube!

If you are, like us, traditionally a storm chaser of the lower plains and southeast US -- the High Plains are oftentimes a bit of an afterthought in your seasonal plans.

But they shouldn’t be.

From a growing library of experience, the High Plains may be amongst the most magical places to chase storms if you are into the photography side of this stuff. In this chase case, I hope to convince you that even the most marginal severe risk days can be worth your time. Todays subject: a supercell in a meager environment this past Spring in NE New Mexico.

If you are a chasecationer, you've no doubt faced a decision on whether or not to skip a marginal risk somewhere from E NM up into SE WY and waiting on the atmosphere to recharge on the lower plains. I can remember a lot of sequences like this where the High Plains did something photogenic while a lot of people even dedicating whole weeks to chasing skipped out on the setup *raises hands as a guilty party*.

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Cold Fronts To Bring Big Changes!

We are expecting cold fronts on both Thursday and Sunday of this next week on the Southern Plains. Both could touch off some storms but the severe weather risk looks pretty low. As of right now, we are watching the second cold front more carefully as the airmass behind it looks unseasonably cold — possibly enough to touch off some wintry precipitation for parts of the region! It’s too early to get too worked up about those possibilities just yet, but we’ll send another newsletter as the event draws nearer with more thoughts if the odds do seem on the rise.